ABDELKADER SAADOUN  Algerian raï singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

comes from Khemis Miliana in Algeria, a few miles away from Wahran, the birth place of RAI. He started to play RAI music in his home country, accompanied by an accordion, guitar, kit drum, bass and percussion. An accomplished singer and musician, he led a band, which performed at many venues and festivals.

RAI originates from traditional Algerian music (Chaabi, Kabil, and Chawia, pop...) and also encompasses Jazz, Flamenco, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Fusion, and Blues.  Based on strong rhythms, it is a very dynamic and danceable music.  It has become the most popular music in North Africa and the Arab world; the music of todayıs generation. Its popularity has quickly spread to neighbouring countries: Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt and is now very popular in the Gulf States. Since France has a large Magrebian population, RAI music is now part of the French culture.

In 1988 SAADOUN moved to the UK and in 1994 he formed a second Rai band in London.

SAADOUN's current outfit is made up of nine musicians from deferent background using traditional instruments such as Mandole, Hadjoudj, Flamenco Guitar & North African percussion combined with European instruments including Brass, Keyboard, Piano and Bass guitar, Viola, Banjo, Cello, Drums and Electric Guitars. He is a charismatic performer, able to enliven any audience with his infectious rhythms and dynamic stage personality.

Abdelkader has performed at major festivals  within the UK, including the Womad main stage, Queen Elizebeth Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Trafalgar Square,
The National Theatre open air Festival, the Barbicanıs Mediterranean music festival & many outdoor events, theatres, clubs, Museums & arts centres,
World Peace Music Awards in Bali & Thassos- Greece and also being involve  composing music for Other Projects.

Abdelkader has performed for Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and The Amir Of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al – Thani, her Majesty Prince And Princes Darenberg of Austria.